"Believe thyself to be in a place, and thou art there... Do not fear. You Lower WIll will be iluminated by your Higher Will".
El péndulo universal está siempre en moción. Las mareas de vida fluyen adentro y afuera, de acuerdo a la Ley.
The beautiful Playa Portizuelo makes your heart vibrate at the time you approach its most characteristic rock. We are truly rich when we are close to the Nature... we are kings and queens when we reach the Paradise on Earth... we just need to realize it... May the Light be with you.
Playa del Silencio
As its name describes it, Playa del Silencio is a quiet place full of beauty and surprise. I'm totally in love with this place... In love with the Nature... In love with the sea.
I fell in love with Asturias and its sea at first sight. When one is so deeply in love, and both know it, there is nothing left to say...
La Salencia left me a particular wish to come back to Asturias as much as possible, as when you drop a coin in the "well of the wishes". My dropped coin was not bein albe to get closer to see this amazing rock from it´s best angle. May the Light be with you.
These marine rock-dragons, main characters of the most epic tales, wake up at night when none is looking to have the best adventures in Playa del Aguilar.
The beautiful Playa del Aguilar has a price for the tenacious, persistent, curious... and, necessary to say, for the brave. This is not the classic spot in this beach, which has a unique characteristic rock formation. This hidden corner was the surprise of the day. May the light be with you!
Old memories of the wild sea. This is a hazardous place, from a "safe" position though. This moment comes back frequently to my mind. I´ll never stop from being amazed by the sea, as beautiful as strong.
"...after the storm there will be calm, never hesitate navigating counterflow, come back strong if you don't lose sight of the lighthouse that is at the end". To a song by Edgar Oceransky
The moment, the quietness, the solitude... the risk... are worth it to be remembered to its maximum simplicity. May the Light be with You.
Heaven makes itself visible on Earth and spirits of Light come to La Gueirua to play celestial music with water and air as their best instruments.
I had the blessing to enjoy this sunrise in front of one of the most beautiful rock formations in Asturias, land which has EVERYTHING. Thank you God for the Nature you have created.
"The greater and more intense the darkness, by so much the more doth the Light become bright by contrast and draweth, as it were, increased force from the Blackness".
If you are not sure you would be strong enough not to get the Stendhal syndrome, I warn you not to go to Portizuelo. The strong heartbeat will start as soon as you are exposed to this beautiful seascape. This is the most beautiful and delicious mental disorder you will never recover from.
This is the riskiest photo I have made... so far... It's difficult to see, but I was really far from the edge. The tide was not high and I found "difficult but possible" to advance through the rocks to get close to the most characteristic rock formation of La Vallina (which in this photo is behind me). I have no fear to death at all but, when the tide went up unexpectedly, I prayed to God as never... not for protection, but for forgiveness. May the Light be with you.
Discovering all, and each one of, the surprises Asturias hides would take a life time. This paradise helps you to re-encounter with your spirit... even if you are not looking for it. May the Light be with you.
Hacer que un segundo dure para siempre. Esa es la magia capaz de burlar al tiempo. (Nikon D750)
Your eyes will see the reality. "The physical eyes will be blinded to all ilusion. The internal ones will percieve the reality". / "Los ojos carnales serán cegados a toda ilusión. Los internos percibirán la realidad".
"Be silent in that solitude, which is not loneliness - for then, the spirits of the dead who stood in life before thee, are again..." Edgar Allan Poe
"Not one, of all the crowd, to pry into thine hour of secrecy..." E. Allan Poe
This photo is the second riskiest I`ve ever shot. You`ll see in further posts how the tide can not only hit with Force, but how much it can unexpectedly change and either trap you among the rocks or drag you to the sea. Few times I have begged so much to God, not for protection... but for forgiveness... May the Light be with you.

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