Pequeño dragón "gastelutxiki" que arrastra dicha.
Beings of the sea... What mysteries do you hide? Photo taken in: the mysterious sea of the dragons, where any epic stories are possible.
Even during difficult times, love can surprise your heart. This beautiful rock in Gaztelugatxe can shake even the tough ones. When I die, I want it to be of Stendhal syndrome.
The moonlight was reflected on you just to spot your beauty.
"... From their high thrones in the Heaven, with Light like Hope to mortals given..." Edgar Allan Poe
Unexpectedly, the "Light" and the "Water" can bring you great surprises, from a simple new perspective to a dragon's paw... is the "dragon" in fact within us?
Life on Earth is not the end... of this, I´m sure... we are ethernal. There are few more delicious states than staring at the Atxabiribil. May the Light be with You.
“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone".
It´s possible to hear his voice when you quiet the mind.
The sea is the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence. Jules Verne
Ready to start my search for dragons and with all I needed to "shoot", I undertook my quest. I decided that the best way was carefully searching in the water, so I did a stop in Zumaia`s Sakoneta. I'm forever in love with the Cantabric sea.
"... el rugido del mar, todo, todo llegaba a sus oídos como agradable melodía. Así supo ella que sólo basta una mirada para cambiar el sentido de una vida." Poema por: MIC (seudónimo)
I settled up in San Sebastian, beautiful city that would be my home for eleven days. I was conscious that searching for a dragon would require massive courage, force and bravery, so I came to Peine del Viento to refill energy and to define my searching strategy...
“The sea washes away the ills of all mankind.” ~ Euripides (420 BC)
I decided to take a little pause from my search of the dragon (also warrios may rest on and off), to simply enjoy LIfe. I'll never forget this exquisite day in Laga... I'm so spoiled... "Thank You, I Am".
"... he is always watching..."
Patience and courage have a prize. Seeking attentively over the waters, I got to find the first Dragon´s claw. I think I´m on the right way... ... ... The world is not for the coward ones.
None will ever break my attachment to you. I´m in love with you. @Inlovewiththesea.
I´ll see you on the other side...
In search of a legendary dragon, seeking for new adventures, I flew to Pais Vasco. The kingdom in this photo is not mapped in any conventional chart. Its location was discovered in a magical document, that only those experts in imagination can unveil... May the Light be with You.
Cross your own boundaries, but not your own limits.
"As above, so below... " Risky but satisfactory evening in San Sebastian.

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